About restoring

fungal nail damage

and loose nails

The facts

The cavity under a ‘loose nail’ (a nail that is separated from the nail bed) is warm and often humid, the ideal environment for fungal growth; and therefore, can make a loose nail the forerunner of fungal infections of the nail.



These are loose nails and/or fungal damaged nails:

Most loose nails are not fungal infected,


nor are all fungal infected nails loose; only a laboratory test can tell the difference. Both conditions leave damaged nails in its wake, and both conditions are of equal concern to the victim.


This nail-damage needs repairing, and natural regrowth of the nail is the only way this can happen! Killing the fungus does not change the look of a loose or fungal damaged nail. Until it has regrown to its original splendour, it remains an unsightly nail. (See photos on our website www.fixfornails.co.za)


Changing these ‘fungus favourable’ under-nail conditions is therefore necessary to stop this cycle. The sooner this gets addressed, the sooner the damage they cause stops and regrowth of the nail can begin!


The result we aim for with Fix-4-Nails® is to give customers what they pay for,  i.e. nails restored to their original splendour,  and not just to be told, (although it is true), that “the nail is no longer fungal infected but it is still damaged.”

For a nail to regrow to its former beauty, favourable conditions for nail growth need to exist under the nail, such as the nail bed being soft and flexible and free of any fungus.


Fix-4-Nails® does exactly that.

It softens the accumulated keratin under the loose nail plate and with it the nail bed (its keratolytic action), leaving the nail bed soft and flexible; secondly, Fix-4-Nails®’ has known fungus inhibiting properties and thus causes the under-nail conditions to be favourable for regrowth of nails while unsuitable for fungal growth.


There is no ‘quick fix’ for loose and/or fungal damaged nails and to prevent fungal re-infections from happening during this restoration period, treatment with Fix-4-Nails® needs to be continued for as long as it takes the nail to regrow.


This is of utmost importance and the reason for the cost saving 100ml bottle now available, if needed. Big toenails can take up to 18 months to regrow, but all nails show noticeable recovering after two months of successful treatment. With multiple damaged nails, a trial on two smaller nails, with a 30ml bottle, is the right way to start using this unique and proven nail restoring aid. Once you are satisfied with the results and you need more Fix-4-Nails®, then buy the 100ml bottle.



Insert one drop under the nail every morning and evening.

This very old recipe was re-developed in 2008 by Willie Fourie, (Pharmacist PCDT) into Fix-4-Nails® and is marketed by

Willie Fourie cc t/a Fix-4-Nails.

Tel:  0861 9999 07

e-mail:  info@fixfornails.co.za



As with many successful treatments, so called substitutes can become available. Fix-4-Nails® is unique and a registered trade mark. It is packed in an orange box with green writing. Do not accept any other product in its place. There is NO SIMILAR PRODUCT on the market.

If you did not find the answers you are looking for in our FAQ section, feel free to leave us a message below and we’ll be in touch soon.

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